「最底辺の10億人」のポール・コリアーが7月に書いていたこと を改めて読んでみる。

Around 10 million Syrians are displaced; of these around 5 million have fled Syria. The 5 million displaced still in Syria should not be forgotten: just because they have not left does not imply that their situation is less difficult: they may simply have fewer options. Genuine solutions should aim to help them too. Of the other 5 million who have fled Syria, around 2 per cent get on boats for Europe. This small group is unlikely to be the most needy: to get a place on a boat you need to be highly mobile, and sufficiently affluent to pay several thousand dollars to a crook. A genuine solution must work for the 98 per cent as well as for the 2 per cent. Most of these people are refugees in neighbouring countries: Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Giving these people better lives is the heart of the problem.

「シリアの難民500万のうち、ヨーロッパに向かって海を渡るのは 2%だ。残りの98%はシリアの周辺諸国、ヨルダンレバノン、 トルコなどにいる。また、シリア内部の避難民が別に500万人い る。そちらも支援するべきだ。ヨーロッパにたどり着けるのは比 較的裕福な層だ」といった基本構図を指摘している。